Business Process Outsourcing

Banking and Finance Back Office

Extensive cost savings by utlizing our well trained, off-shore A Grade offices and staff.

Our Early Stage Collections solutions include the right mix of: Call, SMS, IVR, and Email Reminders.

  • Roll Rate Management
  • Receivables Management (End to End collections)
  • Customized Payment Arrangements
  • Hardship Assessments
  • Data and Order Entry
  • Credit Underwriting
  • Settlements
  • Data Processing
  • Product and Service Cases
  • Claims Management
  • Quality Management and Listening Posts

Backup Services and Disaster Recovery

Being prepared for the worst is critical in today's volatile environment. Never miss a beat with our services!

  • Cold standby: We can store loan level data on back up files on behalf of the client but will not actively monitor loan performance.

  • Warm standby: We hold and update loan level data and will commit to being able to assume servicing within an agreed period with the client. Preparatory work is required with this solution.

  • Hot standby: We will hold and update loan level data based on the frequency required by the client, which will be held and actively managed on our system in parallel with the Servicer. This contract will essentially provide for a full-service team to be on immediate standby to be able to take over the servicing activity when required.

  • Disaster Seat Allocation

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Our Finance and Accounting team likes nothing more than to take responsibility and accountability for the smooth and accurate management of your finance processing functions.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Payroll